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Varitile Roofing

Varitile offers lightweight and durable roof panels for residential or functional buildings.  Our roofing components made exclusively from high protected steel, covered with a wide range of finishes.

'We are a family company' is more than just a tagline, it has been the philosophical underpinning of our company since its inception in 1997.  Building lasting relationships with employees and business partners is the key to our competitive advantage.  We understand that providing quality material is not the only reason for success, it is the people and organizations around us that play the most critical role.

Guaranteed product quality

An essential element of our overall company policy is to supply products that meet and exceed the expectations of our business partners.
All products are pressed from the highest quality steel available in our industry and tested meticulously for coating adhesion, flexibility and strength prior to packaging and shipment.
Our manufacturing processes are under constant scrutiny and improvement.   This attention to detail guarantees efficient production and industry leading products.

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