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Home Show Special

If a new roof is in your near future why not see just how affordable an Armor Shield Metal roof can be, give us a call, 920-393-4227

Another Myth About Metal Roofs

Metal Roofing has more than it's share of Myths, perhaps because it has undergone so many transformations over the years.

Here is a big one we hear a lot...Does a metal roof attract lightning?

While metal conducts electricity, electricity is not drawn to it. Since a metal roof is non-combustible it is actually safer than some roof types like wood.

Winter Install Special

People are always surprised when we tell them that we can install our metal roofs in the winter. Yes we do slow down in the winter because people still feel better about waiting until spring and that is the typical time people do their home improvements. But if you'd like to save big on your roof give us a call and ask about our winter installation special.

Fall Is The Time To Save!

Right now we have our Fall Install Discount! Give us a call and save big. 920-393-4227

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