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Wausau Home Show

Stop by our booth at our next upcoming home show this weekend in Wausau. Find out why putting an Armor Shield on your home is the best decision you can make when choosing a roof.

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We are seeing a shift, the percentage of home owners installing a metal roof has quadrupled over the past 15 years. That tells you that people are seeing the long term value of installing metal. The allure is not only the longevity and durability but the savings on heating and cooling and most of the time on homeowners insurance. Call today and find out why metal is a better choice. 920-393-4227

Knowledge & Awareness

With the new year starting and spring right around the corner, people are thinking about having to replace their roof.

One thing we have noticed more of when people see us at Home Shows is, instead of saying, "That's a metal roof?", they are now saying, "My neighbor has one of those or my family member has one." That goes to show that people are becoming more and more aware of metal roofs. They are also seeing the value of metal. People are sick and tired of their asphalt roofs not lasting like they were told it would. Let's face it asphalt isn't made like it used to be. People are seeing the value of paying a bit more up front for a permanent solution, instead of the cost of replacing it over and over again.

When looking into metal roofs be aware of a couple things. First the warranty, ours is a Lifetime Warranty. Others say they're Lifetime but they're 50 years and they're prorated.

Also be aware of the cost from one metal roof to another, it can be $1000s. That's right! I can't tell you how many times we go into peoples homes to give them their free in home estimate, only to hear what others before us have quoted them. It's amazing that some of these companies are selling any. We will almost always beat the competition sometimes as much as by half. So do yourself a favor and get at least three quotes and make us one of them. Call today 800-215-3009



Home Show Special

It's the season for Home Shows. If you have a home improvement in your future please visit us at an upcoming show and take advantage of our home show special if you schedule your free in home estimate at the show.

Call the office at 800-215-3009 for our upcoming schedule or follow up on facebook.



It certainly doesn't seem like it but soon things will be warming up and this is the year to replace that roof once and for all. Why not do it one last time and have the peace of mind of a Lifetime Warranty.

This is the Home Show season so come visit us at an upcoming show and take advantage of the Home Show Specials that we offer.

This weekend we will be in Oshkosh for the WHBA Home & Outdoor Living Show, at the Sunnyview Expo Center, Friday January 22nd from 3pm-8pm and Saturday & Sunday the times are from 10am-4pm. Stop by our booth and check out the last roof you'll ever need, enter to win $2500 off your roof.